How is it going? Zoals je misschien wel hebt gemerkt, kon je laatst deelnemen aan een hele leuke winactie! Je maakte namelijk kans op een verblijf in een Britse Belvilla! Even een memory refresher nodig? Lees hier het blogartikel over de actie. Dan nu, de leukste inzendingen die bij ons zijn binnengekomen. En ook die van de winnaar! Are you ready for it?

De leukste inzendingen

Greetje: “I will just fall with the door in the house; I do not participate for bacon and beans! And if I do not win, that’s unfortunately peanutbutter… there is nothing on the hand but I’m keeping this in the holes!”

Wendy: “Get now tits! I can see that sit. Here in our frogcountry it is dogweather and stonecold, so that shoots for no meter up. If we have a better outlook, we entertain ourselves much more. Because we do not go on vacation, we are an outside leg. Unfortunately peanutcheese. But you dont look a given horse in the mouth, so if we win we spring a hole in the air!! And you get a forrest flowers from me (PS: I hope the Callvilla has nice sleepingchambers, my clean mother likes to sleep a hole in the day) I go now hurry practice my Dunglish. The greets!”

Pim: “Pim Have still never win a holiday, but will participate one more time on insist from Wouter! Let’s fall with the door in house? I fall rather in the swimming pool behind the house. Why a British Belvilla and not a house on the Canary Islands? Anyway, you should not look a given horse in the mouth!! Fingers crossed and win this awesome house!”

Wouter: “As long as I not the dog in the pot find it’s all best!”

Esther: “Well to let the monkey out of the sleeve, I lived in Londen 3 years and to by-nails my English it would be nice to have a week in England again. The house sees very gezellig out, a bitje blue. It would be nice to go there between out to the outside world in place of Holland. Now go with my baby to farbetter my stonecoal English.”

Joyce: “OH EM GEE Birgit. That’s another biscuit! Lets fall with the door in house, we love England! We will feel as a God in England! But maybe we can better stay in Holland, because how the clock ticks at home, ticks it nergens! Oh Well, I walk too hard from staple, if we don’t win, unfortunately peanutbutter! Let’s set the flowers outside.”

Birgit: “Get now tits, your such an luck ass! Eventjes hard thumben that you’ll win! Who know, maybe works your luckyunderpants wel, beacause deze Belvilla is such a closet of a house. And I will go with you when you win… because I support you trough fat and skinny.”

Aysegul: “I’m completely cooked. It rains pipe steels and our vacation walks in the soup. There is not a ball on TV, so unfortunately peanutbutter. Normal there’s nothing on the hand, but with the children having vacation we do not have luck.

Last week we went wokking, and the suckers were out of working, so after wokking we smell an hour in the wind! But we thought, forward with the goat! I told the kids “There is nothing on the hand, let’s have a shower and and we will make a great time” My son said” Thunder up and leave me with rest!” I thought, ok I’m the parent and I must count to ten but at that time I actually could stick him behind the wallpaper. My daughter said ” You must see it through the fingers”.

I told my son “For this time i see it trough the fingers, but next time you will be the sigar. That’s not nothing you’ve said! We have had a great meal, the wok was like like an angel pissing on your tongue.”

He looked at me standing with a mouth full of teeth and said “As the clock ticks at home, it will tick nowhere but I want to go on a actual vacation, I do not want to be in our little frogland” I thought, get now something! My daughter said: “You thought we will have fun at home, but you need to look further then your nose is long. We want to go GreatBritain” I replied “Ah, on that bicycle!”

But, All madness on a little stick, I hope you don’t think that I’m definitely the funniest at home. We would love to go to the UK. I now its mopping with the tap open, with all the parttakers but hey, not shot is always miss. And if we win, pot Jan three dimes, we will fall with our nose in the butter!!

So Christian what do you think? Is my Dunglish ok, or doesn’t it sound for a meter? If we win, I’m totally going out of my roof.”

Nina: “Make that the cat wise! Is this for real? Or does the monkey come out of the sleeve? Are you sure there is nothing on the hand? I would love to fall with the door in this house. But I don’t trust you for a meter!”

Chiara: “Aantal jaar geleden ging mijn schoonfamilie met elkaar op wintersport.. nog niet heel ervaring, dus er werd aardig wat gevallen. Mijn zwager dacht echter dat hij het al mega goed kon en vloog de berg af, waarna hij ongelooflijk hard op de grond kwam. Een skileraar zag het en kwam aangesneld. Hij vroeg mijn zwager: “How do you feel?” Waarop mijn zwager zei: “nou, gewoon plat op m’n bek!””

Robin: “Because I hold so much from my girlfriend, she is my rock in the burning. She’s such a speechwaterfall. And in Belgium it’s always raining blowjobsteals and lots of jerkwinds. I have there clean enough form! We could really use an upfrog.”

And the lucky bird is….

Ronald: “We would like to go to a nice Callmansion in Great Britain. We like to sit on the first place for a little double. Need to watch the little ones with two small children. So we hope to win! We will see how the cow catches the hare…”

Congratulations Ronald with it winning from this nice Callmansion!

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