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Your rental expert can give you a forecast of the number of days to be expected for your first booking, based on the dates. This varies by region and also depends on other factors. For example, the publication date makes a difference. For example, if you still take into account the high season, a first booking will not be long in coming.

Your rental expert can make a prognosis for your holiday home on the basis of dates.

You can view all your bookings, rental administration and rental income via your personal online account, ‘My Belvilla’. Furthermore, you can quickly and easily arrange all kinds of things yourself here.

Yes, that is possible. Together with your rental expert, you make agreements in advance about how you want to rent out your holiday home. If you want to stay in the holiday home yourself this will be laid down in the contract.

In your personal online account ‘My Belvilla’ you will find a clear overview with the rental income and the corresponding bookings.


What you can earn with your holiday home differs per stay. Every holiday home is different and the location also plays an important role. In addition, the number of available weeks and the period in which the holiday home is rented out are important. Your rental expert will be able to make a realistic estimate after talking to you in person.

Belvilla has developed its own ‘price tool’ with which we can view the house prices of all online providers. This will compare your holiday home and provide an overall estimate of the rental income per stay.

Of course, every holiday home is unique. It takes into account various factors, such as the location, the size, the type of house and the number of bathrooms and bedrooms. That’s why we can only determine the final rental price after one of our rental experts has spoken to you.

You will receive the full rental fee from two weeks before the arrival of your guests. This means that the amount of the rent is already on your account before they arrive. If it concerns a last minute booking, Belvilla will transfer the rent as soon as possible.

As a Belvilla homeowner, do I get a discount on a stay in another Belvilla?

Yes. If you book another holiday home via our website, you as a Belvilla homeowner will always receive a 20% discount. This with the exception of our holiday parks. Because these are part of a chain, different rules apply.

About guests

With each booking you will receive a ‘stay ticket’ with the guest details of the main booker and all booking details. The ticket can also be found in your personal online account ‘My Belvilla’.

With each booking you will receive a ‘confirmation ticket’ with guest details from the main booker and booking details. Here you will find the number of persons, length of stay, time of arrival and departure, name, spoken language and contact details. The ticket can also be found in your personal online account ‘My Belvilla’.

Whether it concerns payments, stays, complaints or other matters: Belvilla takes care of the contact with your guests from A to Z. We have a Customer Service department with 140 specialists. They support guests in booking holiday homes on a daily basis.

After full payment, you will always receive a “residence ticket” with guest and contact details. You can also contact the guest yourself, for example to check the arrival time.

Belvilla takes care of the complete communication for you. After full payment, you will always receive a ‘confirmation ticket’ with guest and contact details. You can also contact the guest yourself, for example to check the arrival time.

There are many factors that influence the number of bookings your holiday home receives. A good rental price, attractive facilities and positive reviews have the most influence on bookings. Belvilla supports and advises you in all kinds of areas, so that you can make as many bookings as possible. We also take care of the entire promotion on various channels, for example on Facebook, in newsletters and on radio and television.

There is a special team ready for our homeowners: Homeowner Service. They will be happy to help you. Are the guests already staying in your holiday home and you can’t figure it out together? Then you can call our emergency line.

Further are guests, with each booking, required to take out a damage insurance policy. In this way, your holiday home is automatically insured against any accidental damage up to €10,000 with each booking.

Insurance & regulation

In the Netherlands you have to insure a holiday home separately. A private home, contents and building insurance only cover when you use the house for private purposes and not when you (partially) rent it out. You are also obliged to report this to your insurer.

For the home insurance of holiday homes in countries other than the Netherlands, we advise you to consult a financial advisor.

We advise you to take out liability insurance. If something happens to your guests, or their property, you are insured with a liability insurance. Always check which cover is on the policy. Many standard coverages do not apply to damage caused by rental activities. In that case you will need additional insurance.

Belvilla takes out non-life insurance for you with a cover of up to € 10,000. With every booking we take out a standard damage insurance for the guest, making them legally liable.

In more and more countries you need to have a rental license. Not sure if a rental license is required in your area? Please feel free to contact our special homeowner service desk, Homeowner Service.

You do not have to ask for a deposit. Guests take out damage insurance with every booking, so your property is insured against damage up to € 10.000,-.

Sometimes a deposit will deter guests, so you get fewer bookings. If you still want to ask for a deposit, Belvilla will be happy to arrange this for you. The deposit will then be collected together with the rental sum. Our experience is that a guest does not like to start his holiday by paying costs on the spot. You can avoid this by having the deposit paid in advance by the guest. Another advantage is that you don’t have to worry about it.


Your house will be published on the Belvilla website and with more than 2,000 other holiday home providers. This allows you to reach millions of holidaymakers. We work together with, among others:

• a-Vakanties
• Accoweb
• Airbnb
• All Chalets
• AvanderNet
• Bestfewo
• Campaya
• Casamundo
• Check-it
• Clickstay
• D-Reizen
• DER Touristik
• Dogsincluded
• e-domizil
• Eurocottage
• Eurorelais
• Feline Holidays
• Galas
• Govilla
• Hispanoa
• Holidu
• Holland-Vakantiehuis
• HomeAway/VRBO
• HomeToGo
• Hondenopvakantie
• nibosoft
• Personal Touch Travel
• Raiffeisen-Tours
• Recreatie Media
• Schmetterling Reisen
• Sun Location
• The Travel Club Reisbureau BV
• Touristonline
• Traum-Ferienwohnungen
• Travel Counsellors Nederland BV
• Vacando
• VacayHome
• VakantieXperts
• Vakanz
• Villaspot
• YourTravel

Through our marketing channels, we promote specific areas. Think for example of coastal or winter sports areas when the booking season starts again. In addition, holidaymakers looking for a holiday home in a specific area can easily find it using the handy search filters on our website.

Management, upgrades and transformations

You can take care of the management yourself or let an administrator take care of everything on location. With Belvilla Property Management Services, Belvilla can also take care of all the management for you in a professional manner.

Yes, Belvilla offers a full-service solution, called Belvilla Property Management Services. This means that we coordinate the professional cleaning of your holiday rental property, arrange linen service and take care of the key handling and check-in and check-out of your guests.

Yes, our professional and ever expanding team of experts and vendors can help upgrade and renovate your home in a cost and time effective manner. Our range of services include procuring and installing small things like air conditioners, dishwashers, to solar panels, swimming pool, jacuzzi etc. We are continuously evolving and adding more cities and services to our portfolio.

House presentation

Belvilla will take care of the presentation on our website, including the house description. We also make sure a photo presentation will be done by either a professional photographer or one of our experienced rental experts.

You can also choose to take photos of your holiday home yourself and add them. Please note: in order to ensure an optimal house presentation, these photos will be viewed by a rental expert before publication. This may take a few days.

Photos provide an important first impression of your holiday home. The clearer and more attractive the photos, the sooner a potential guest will be convinced that your holiday home is the ideal holiday destination.

Are you going to start photographing your holiday home yourself? Please read our tips before you start.