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Holiday homes on Lake Constance, Germany

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Top places of interest in

The city of the Zeppelin

Huge mountains in Switzerland and Austria and Lake Constance, that's your view in Friedrichshafen. Yet the city is better known for its zeppelin. In 1900, they started with sightseeing flights, and you can still make a sightseeing flight here today. Definitely recommended!


The largest waterfall in Europe

Did you know the largest waterfall in Europe does not require you to travel far at all? This 23 meter high waterfall can be found in Switzerland, on the border with Germany! When you have had enough of the waterfall, you can visit Wörth Castle.


Beautiful nature, and endless freedom

There are several beautiful nature reserves to be found around Lake Constance. These areas are ideal for long walks. Whether you want to see the whole lake over 250 kilometres, or walk around a castle, there is a perfect walking route for everyone.


UNESCO World Heritage Site at Lake Constance

On the island of Reichenau you will discover three large Romanesque churches. The monastery island quickly became one of the most important monasteries in Germany. These days, there are several unique celebrations on the island. Definitely recommended!

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Lake Constance, Germany

A holiday home on Lake Constance has many possibilities due to its central location. Bodensee, also known as Lake Constance, is situated on the border between Germany, Switzerland and Austria. With a width of up to 15 kilometres and a length of 74 kilometres, Lake Constance is the largest lake in Germany. The area around the lake is considered one of the most attractive in Germany. Lake Constance is therefore surrounded by wonderful natural beauty, cosy villages and a rich cultural heritage. Summer is considered to be the best time to discover this region, as local fishermen often hold colourful summer festivals. In addition, Lake Constance in this season is the perfect destination for various water sports. A holiday home in Lake Constance has all the ingredients to make your holiday unforgettable.

Discover the region from a holiday home on Lake Constance

During a holiday in Lake Constance, you will discover several places along the shores with countless historical sights. On Reichenau, a peninsula in Lake Constance, you will discover a Benedictine abbey. Mainau is known as the flower island, and has a beautiful baroque palisade surrounded by many colourful and fragrant flowers. This island attracts hundreds of tourists every year, so it is known as one of the most beautiful islands of Lake Constance. On the island of Lindau you will find many historical sights. This island is now connected to mainland Germany by a dam, and is therefore easy to visit. On this island, time seems to have stood still with its many beautiful churches and medieval buildings. On the boulevard of this island you can enjoy a snack and a drink on the terraces, or enjoy the beautiful scenery that this island has to offer. An interesting trip for the children can be found in the city of Friedrichshafen. It has a zeppelin museum. You can get acquainted with the history of aviation and take a look at the inside of the Graf Zeppelin during your holiday in Lake Constance.

Constance is the largest city in the region. Easy to visit from your holiday home on Lake Constance. With its many promenades and beautiful gardens, you can enjoy a lovely walk along the shores of the lake. Or visit the main attraction, the Münster, a Romanesque basilica including the Thomas Altar and the Maria End Altar. On the left bank of the city you will find the old centre with impressive half-timbered houses. Lovers of history, varied nature and rich culture, are in the right place in this region. Discover the countless possibilities of this beautiful region directly from your holiday home in Lake Constance.

Holiday homes in Lake Constance, for a pleasant stay with family or friends

Get to know the different holiday homes in Lake Constance. Do you choose a romantic flat for two, a spacious holiday home for the whole family, or an authentic farm for you and the children? Belvilla always has a suitable holiday home for an unforgettable holiday on Lake Constance.

The region around Lake Constance guarantees a memorable holiday. Taste the local products, enjoy nature, and discover the rich culture of this area. Choose an active holiday and enjoy the most beautiful walking or cycling routes, directly from your holiday home. Or experience a dazzling day on the water during an afternoon of sailing. Get carried away on one of the many canal boats, and sail along beautiful nature reserves. Or take a trip to the waterfall of Schaffhausen in Switzerland. But you can also enjoy a wonderful holiday with a book on the couch, or on the terrace of your holiday home in Lake Constance!

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