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Appartement Polen 2 personen

Accommodatie voorzien van eenvoudige inrichting naar de specifieke eisen en gebruiken van het land of de streek. Ideaal voor de vakantieganger die zich graag wil inleven in de vakantiebestemming en genoegen neemt met een beperkte mate van comfort.
Gastwaardering: 5
Cijfer: 5 / 10 Ingevulde enquêtes: 1 Het cijfer geeft antwoord op de vraag: Hoe tevreden was u met uw verblijf in het vakantiehuis?
Beschikbaarheid en prijzen
Stary Zamość

Polen, Polen

Aantal personen: 2
Huisdieren: Max. 1

Appartement (Deel van een huis, geen alleen bewoning)

Op een vakantie-landgoed


Gelegen op een landgoed van ruim 7 hectare met daarop onder andere ook een paleisje uit de 18de eeuw en een kapel uit de 17de eeuw treft u in één van de bijgebouwen twee compacte studio's van 30m². De Nederlandse eigenaar is momenteel druk doende om het landgoed weer in oude glorie te herstellen en deze appartementen zijn met name aan te raden als aanvulling op de vrijstaande cottage PL-22417-01 indien u bijvoorbeeld met twee samenreizende gezinnen of samen met opa en oma wilt gaan.
Het domein, dat op slechts 10 km. van de Renaissance-stad Zamosc gelegen is, bestaat uit veel oude bomen en een vijver met eigen bron. Binnen een straal van 80 kilometer is veel te zien van historisch en cultureel belang; denk o.a. aan de steden Lublin, Chelm en Lvov (in de Oekraine) en de voormalige concentratiekampen Belzec en Majdanek. Tenslotte kan ook prachtig gewandeld worden in de directe omgeving van het domein.

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Beschikbaarheid en prijzen

April 2014
Geen beschikbare aankomstdatum
Mei 2014
5678910 11
121314151617 18
192021222324 25
Juni 2014
234567 8
91011121314 15
161718192021 22
232425262728 29
Juli 2014
 12345 6
789101112 13
141516171819 20
212223242526 27
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Bijkomende kosten

Verplicht (per verblijf, aantal personen, of verbruik)
Borgsom: PLN 422
Huisdieren: Max 1; PLN 11/nacht (Huisdieren alleen geaccepteerd indien voor aankomst opgegeven)
Boekingskosten: € 30
Gas/Olie: Niet aanwezig
Wifi: Gratis


Exterieur vakantiehuis (zomer) Exterieur vakantiehuis (zomer)
Exterieur vakantiehuis (zomer) Exterieur vakantiehuis (zomer)
Exterieur vakantiehuis (zomer) Exterieur vakantiehuis (zomer)
Zwembad van vakantiehuis Zwembad van vakantiehuis
Hal / Receptie Hal / Receptie
Woonkamer Woonkamer
Slaapkamer Slaapkamer
Slaapkamer Slaapkamer
Slaapkamer Slaapkamer
Tuin (zomer) Tuin (zomer)
Tuin (zomer) Tuin (zomer)
Tuin (zomer) Tuin (zomer)
Tuin (zomer) Tuin (zomer)
Directe omgeving (zomer) (<1 km) Directe omgeving (zomer) (<1 km)
Directe omgeving (zomer) (<1 km) Directe omgeving (zomer) (<1 km)
Tuin (winter) Tuin (winter)
Exterieur vakantiehuis (winter) Exterieur vakantiehuis (winter)
Exterieur vakantiehuis (winter) Exterieur vakantiehuis (winter)


Tips van de huiseigenaar
Het Domek en de Officyna liggen op een prive-domein van 7 hectaren. Op dit terrein zijn ook een 18-de eeuws paleisje en een 17-de eeuws kappelletje te zien. Daarnaast kent het domein een park met veel oude bomen en een vijver die gevoed wordt uit eigen bronnen.

Het domein ligt op 10 kilometer afstand van de Renaissance-stad Zamosc, een must see die al jaren prijkt op de wereld erfgoedlijst van de UNESCO.

Binnen een straal van 80 kilometer is veel te zien van historisch en cultureel belang; denk o.a. aan de steden Lublin, Chelm en Lvov (in de Oekraine) en de voormalige concentratiekampen Belzec en Majdanek.

Tenslotte kan ook prachtig gewandeld worden in de directe omgeving van het domein.
5 Ingevulde enquêtes: 1

Beoordelingen van eerdere gasten:

  • Mvr. Yardley
    Verenigd Koninkrijk

    This was a considerable disappointment and there was certainly none of the traditional hospitality associated with Poland in this rental accommodation, indeed rather the reverse we felt like unwelcome intrusions to the owners? own family holiday. We arrived by arrangement a day late (we had paid from the previous day and made no request for any refund as this was our choice) but we also responded to a booking request from the owner to leave earlier than contracted (10 hours earlier) to allow them to prepare for their next guests, so from our point of view we had been graciously helpful to them and had no compensation for leaving early. We realized soon that we were clearly guests who were ?surplus to requirements?. The owners were on site and had their own family and guests with them, one of whom in particular seemed to resent our presence (seemed hostile and did not return greetings) and their probable dislocation from the main rental house that we had rented. The owners are restoring a beautiful renaissance hunting lodge - or renaissance as we think - as no one bothered to tell us anything about the lodge and grounds. The owners would appear to be only interested in renting out to provide money for their extensive rebuild and landscaping of the grounds (which are indeed beautiful) and it would seem then to create some form of summer holiday art school. At no time were we properly welcomed. We had a cursory introduction to the flat and to the house by a (Domek - we had booked both) husband of the sibling pair (who was always pleasant) with the promise to visit and provide the full induction by the main person involved with the guests as he told us he wasn?t the person to do this, rather his wife. This courtesy visit never occurred (the only contact we had with the nominated person was when half way through the week she turned up seemingly ?worse for wear? at 10.30 at night at the 'Domek' asking to come into our house to find some curtain rings!). We had rented two properties for a week. The smaller apartment was OK although noisily surrounded by their family guests in the adjoining apartment, and the larger house, although the sitting room and bedrooms were beautifully furnished and decorated in rustic style, had significant problems in the kitchen and bathroom. The bathroom smelt strongly of drains with a very heavy methane build up, and was almost impossible to enter at night when the windows had to be closed because of flies with the smell pervading the master bedroom. The outside table had food bits on it and had clearly not been cleaned on our arrival. The kitchen was a disgrace. The fridge was left with bits of old food, a packet of milk with about a tenth left, and a cupboard literally filled with thousands of ants with open packets of food and sugar. Informing one of our landladies (meeting her crossing the lawn) about the fridge and the ants she merely shrugged her shoulders (no problem with her spoken English or comprehension) and said that it must have been the previous people; that we should expect ants in the country side; and should not leave packets open! We are well aware that there are insects in the countryside, and of course did not leave any packets open that we purchased, but the point was that the cupboard was dirty and with open food and ants when we arrived. There was no attempt to rectify the situation (except that one of the husband?s produced a tin of ant spray for us to use when asked) or to clean up from their past guests / family?s use. We were relatively certain that their family/ guests had used our house on the previous day, the Saturday, which we had paid for and should not have been used - given that another guest of theirs walked over to enter our house on the Sunday, looked very surprised to see us and retreated rapidly. There was no welcome pack, not even the most basic. When we arrived on the Sunday we asked about local shops and were told that the local shop would be open and indeed that it opened late. We went straight down to the shop but it was closed. Although in crossing the lawn we were asked by the gentleman owner if we had managed to get any bread or milk our reply in the negative was not met with any offer to provide us with this or help us further. The owners at the time were themselves having a large family barbecue and were clearly not going to be bothered about us to the extent of not providing the welcome visit they promised that evening or the next morning or ever. They and their numerous dogs took up all the extensive outside grounds and left us no real personal garden space (although we did have our own terrace which was pleasant). The place was inundated with biting flies which one of the owners laughed off as only having arrived with us. The flies remained a very considerable problem and literally swarmed around us, flying at us and biting. Again, we understand that there are flies in the countryside but this place was worse than anywhere else we went to. Although they seemed to be attracted or live around certain trees there was also a very large pool of stagnant water either on the estate or just outside it, yards away from where we were, so that might have been part of the problem. The oven did not work without immediately fusing the electricity and remained unusable. The lights in the gardens did not work making it difficult to move from house to house. The bed linen was a disgrace and some of the mattresses were uncomfortable. The sheets were old brown tired brushed cotton, and the duvets and pillows had the stale smell of much use. There were plenty of clean towels. The tooth brush cups were filthy with dead flies in them and the dirt was not recent. The mirrors in bathroom and sitting room were also dirty and clearly had not been cleaned for a long time. The draining board in the kitchen was angled so that water dripped onto the floor. The advert stated there was a CD player there was not. There was no house-book. There were about five dogs running around the gardens and no attempt made to call them to heel when they ventured, often, into our space attempting to come into the larger house and jumping up at us. There was no warning that the dogs were out at night with lights around their neck a somewhat scary experience for the first person in our party crossing at night not knowing what the moving lights were. We paid a thousand pounds for a week for the use of a very small apartment and the two bedroomed chalet - a great deal of money in Poland. We would never return there and certainly never recommend anyone to rent there. We did not expect a great deal from the owners, just a minimum level of courtesy and care - which was not there. We do not think the set-up deserves to have paying guests. Despite all this we enjoyed our holiday and everywhere else found the people friendly helpful and hospitable and we would not hesitate to recommend the region. The countryside was beautiful and there were many interesting sights to see in towns and villages.

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    Verblijfsdatum: 07/07/2012 - 14/07/2012


  woon/slaapkamer 2x 1-pers. bed, TV, koel-/vriescombinatie  
  badkamer douche, wastafel, toilet  
  tuin (gedeeld met andere gasten)    
  fietsen beschikbaar    


Het vakantiehuis
  Levensmiddelen 100 m     Openbaar vervoer 2.0 km  
  Bos 3.0 km     Openbaar overdekt zwembad 8.0 km  
  Openbaar zwembad 8.0 km     Centrum 10.0 km  
  Restaurants 10.0 km     Uitgaan 10.0 km  

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